We are the Atom Racing Team (ART)…….the new force to be reckoned with in the virtual racing World.

Atom Racing Team (ART) is open to all levels and experience of riders and of all genders, from those just beginning to the most experienced…..we will have a spot for you.

We already have a proven track record of helping riders progress through the racing categories within Zwift, to increase your FTP and to improve your overall fitness.

Take a look at our race teams for a flavour of where you may sit, then push yourself, with the help of other members to improve.

We want to continue to grow our racing community and help people overcome fitness barriers and get the most out of their Atom.

Our members are supportive and encourage each other to reach levels they never thought they could do, and enjoy themselves whilst doing it…………however we have a few guidelines that we would expect you to follow:

  1. ART is a close community so all riders should be ready to provide help and advice to other members.
  2. Support team mates and help develop each other as much as possible.
  3. Be proud and passionate about ART and promote our race brand. Strive to be the best.
  4. Respect all other ART members and racers of other teams at all times.
  5. Give 100% at all times, we are a race group after all
  6. Enjoy yourself, provide feedback (positive or constructive) and help improve our team overall.

Quite simply, to be the best. What’s wrong with that?

Join us on any one of our many weekly races and see how enthused and energised you are by racing alongside a team mate whilst sprinting to the finish line together.

Read the comments posted after the race of encouragement, of how well a rider performed, the congratulations of yet another FTP increase or of another personal best of a certain segment.

This breeds improvement in yourself and others……..lets do this as team, you can help us achieve that and we want you to be part of it.

In February 2020, ART had a handful of members, nearly 1 year on and we are 360+ strong. The majority of those members are regular racers (the others will be coaxed into racing too) and we want to be a leading race team who is regularly in the top 10……no, top 5 of all race series we enter.

In fact, why not aim for podium places?

You have heard of many other racing teams such as Team TFC, or CRYO-GEN, Canyon, DIRT to name just a few…….its time to put ART on the map.

We all do, the members, the racers, the Atom Racing team.

But behind the scenes, we have a several administrators who assist with organizing the races, creating competitive team sheets, who provide instructions and advise on how to enter races etc…….but we also have regularly nominated captains of the multiple teams who help with advise for their team mates, provide strategy, formation…..it is very much a full team effort and its what makes us so special.