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The Rules
Men’s / Mixed Divisions Women’s Divisions
Division A > 4.0wkg FTP & minimum 250W FTP > 3.7wkg FTP
Division B 3.20wkg to 3.99wkg FTP & minimum 200W FTP 3.20wkg 3.69wkg FTP
Division C 2.5wkg to 3.19wkg FTP & minimum 150W FTP 2.5wkg to 3.19wkg FTP
Division D less than 2.49wkg FTP less than 2.49wkg FTP
Reporting Suspicious Behaviour

The Zwift Racing League has been designed to provide both fun and fair competition as well as to grow the Zwift Racing community in an inclusive manner. WTRL and Zwift do work hard in the background to enforce the rules and ensure that our aims are met.

We would like to remind all competitiors and teams that social media is not the place to be raising concerns on the legitimacy of riders, teams or a competition and there are official channels to report any suspicious performances.

The official channels are as follows:

  • ZWIFT: Please report using THIS form, ensuring you include all requested information.
  • WTRL: Send an email including the Zwift ID or ZwiftPower profile link, event ID numbers, full details and supporting evidence to racecontrol@wtrl.racing

PLEASE NOTE To maintain the privacy of our members, we won’t be able to update you on the outcome of your report. Please rest assured we will investigate each concern fully.

ZRL Community Divisions End-Of-Season Final League Standings

Rule has been in effect since July 2020 – previous Community version included only ZRL Premier Division definition.

  • At the end of the SEASON, the team with the most SERIES POINTS shall be declared the winner.
  • In the event of a tie on Total Series / League Points, teams are then ranked in the same way as the weekly rankings. This order is Total Season Points, Total Finish Line Points, Total FAL points, Total FTS points. In the event that this still results ine a tie, it would fall to whichever team had the highest placing rider in the final race.
Understanding the ZRL 4-Race-Category-Upgrade ruling.

Added for clarification – rule is unchanged.If a racer is upgraded in category by Zwift, they must meet the following criteria to be allowed to continue their season with that team in that division:

  1. START at least 4 races for their team at or below category for the division.
  2. Racer must not have received ANY power related disqualifications in those 4 races.


Note that POWER LIMITS as detailed above remain in effect at all times. Exceeding will cause results to be annulled. Please consider riding in a higher division if you are at or close to an upper power boundary.

If a racer starts 2 races with one team and 2 races with another, this does not meet the condition above.
Refer to the Appearances column in Team Management for a running total of races.

Applies to Playoff races too.


January 25
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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New York
New York, United States + Google Map